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Want to see an opera for free? You can watch Don Giovanni here. Click on that link, and then look on the left of the page. Click on “Don Giovanni” and you’ll see Parts 1 through 10 underneath the video window. Cool, huh? I don’t know how long this will be available.

I haven’t watched it completely yet. I only saw the very beginning of the overture. But even that made me wonder; did the second oboe player not play the unison notes with the principal? I’m guessing so, as after the first chords he puts his oboe in his lap. That’s one way to avoid the intonation struggles! The tempo right after those unison notes is faster than I’ve ever heard. I like it!

Stanley Keenlyside is Don G in this production. Joyce DiDonato has blogged (you’ll have to look around, as I’m not giving the direct links to individual blog entries related to Don G) about her experience there as Donna Elvira, so I know it’ll be even more fun to watch, having followed her “adventure” with it.

[time lapse]

I clicked on the Part 10 … the banda looks so cool … alll women from what I can see. And once more the tempi are faster than I’m used to, and I like what I’m hearing. Unfortunately I can’t hear it very well. I guess I need to hook my computer up to speakers. Later.

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