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The film’s unrehearsed style extended to its use of music. Demme had long wanted to “provide the musical dimension of a movie without traditionally scored music.” And as it turned out, Rachel is getting married to a music producer. And Rachel’s father is a music industry bigwig.

Demme reasoned that the wedding weekend — taking place at the family home — would be a congregation of musicians playing more or less nonstop for 72 hours. He enlisted friends — New Orleans-born jazz saxophonist Donald Harrison and Palestinian violin virtuoso Zafer Tawil — to compose the score and play it on the spot while Demme shot the movie.

I actually am interested in seeing this movie (Not that I ever actually go see movies. But I have a list of the ones I want to see. That’s about as close as I usually get!). But … musicians … heh … we sometimes like silence. And if we are talking, many of us prefer no background music. Music requires listening.

And can you imagine musicians playing “more or less nonstop for 72 hours”? Yikes! Of course the musicians in the movie aren’t playing “classical” music, so maybe folks who play jazz and Arabic music actually do play all day and night. I can’t speak for those genres. Heck, I can only speak for myself. And even then I sometimes get it wrong. 🙂

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