I know oboes are expensive, and I want a wooden one. I have a limited price range. Even though $800 isn’t much, can I still get a good oboe? My oboe teacher has given me a couple brands to look for on ebay, but only a couple have ended in my price range. What brands and types of wood would be good for me to get? I am a high schooler and intend to play oboe for quite a long time?

Now that is a very easy one to answer, don’t you think? An oboe for $800?



  1. I think it would be possible to find an oboe for under…oh, wait, you mean a playable oboe?

  2. Heh. Yeah. That’s the problem, yes?

  3. So there’s this oboist in an honor band I’m in who got her oboe off Craigslist… O.O

  4. I would think Craigslist would be a fine place to get an instrument as long as one can try it out before paying for it!