I barely slept last night. At 3:45 or so, in fact, I got up and checked email and even replied to one. When Dan’s alarm clock went off at 5:00 AM (Yes. Really. He gets up THAT early.) I was awake already. (Sorry, Dan … I just didn’t say anything in hope that I might fall asleep soon.) So when my 7:00 alarm went off I got up and checked email (being the addict and all), but I think I just might try and sleep a bit.

I haven’t had a problem with insomnia for quite a while. Once my iron levels were straightened out I’ve been pretty good, actually. So I can’t help but wonder if reed making is the cause, and if a doctor could write something out saying I shouldn’t make reeds, but should have them made for me. That just might be the ticket … right? Could I get a prescription for reeds? Gee … wouldn’t that be nice? (IF I could find someone who makes reeds I can play on, that is!)

I have had a very small headache since yesterday evening — nothing like the “baddies” I get on occasion, so I’m glad about that at least.

Hmmm. Maybe reed making also causes headaches.

I’ll bet you’re all thinking “What does she mean by maybe” … right? Reed making IS a headache.

But I plan on doing more today. Later.


  1. Thanks for the nice comment, Patty! I, too, will be spending another day at the reed table today after a fruitless day yesterday…. what a headache, indeed!

  2. I’m sorry to hear this Tenly, and yet I’m also relieved. I always fear that I’m the only one who has these struggles.

    I still say, though, that I really must be the world’s worst reed maker! Honest.