I have a message for hopeful superstars stepping onto the Seattle scene: wannabes turn into hasbeens around here. The clever ones pack their bags and leave before it’s too late. Oboist nonpareil Alex Klein fled from the University of Washington’s environment of self-satisfied mediocrity to become Principal of Chicago Symphony under Daniel Barenboim. Alex now teaches at Oberlin. Paul Coletti, the prominent viola soloist and chamber musician, departed from the ADS (Artistic Dustbin Seattle) and is currently a faculty member of the Colburn School at University of Southern California. Los Angeles seems to attract geniuses and hold onto them. Joshua Roman, young cellist extraordinaire, caught on in the nick of time, stepping out of you-know-where: the kindergarten sandbox.



  1. Where did you find this?
    I am always on the lookout for unpleasant things to say about this boring little hick town and especially the SSO, who chose to have a hostile relationship with me.
    Bitterness is my solace.

  2. Tell me Seattle ain’t a hick town! Me and my wife have tickets for the August 09 Ring Cycle!

  3. I’ve been here 66 years.
    We were a cultural dustbin then and not much has changed.
    Speight gives it a good try, but our genius
    is still from out of town.
    Provincial is a word that springs to mind.
    Jeans and a plaid wool shirt, logger boots,
    ear flaps on the plaid wool hat pass for formal attire.
    We’ve got Cycle 3.