11. October 2008 · 1 comment · Categories: Ramble

“Classical music is so challenging that you cannot think of anything else while you’re doing it,” says Dr. Thomas Sheldon, who finds playing the oboe allows him to decompress and unwind.

Okay, okay, I understand. The guy is a doctor. So oboe, for him, is a way to unwind.

Not so for some of us.

Me? I usually go do a bit of brain surgery or something. Ya know? 😉

(And yes, I’m just being goofy. I realize that while a doctor might be able to play oboe, this oboist can’t possible do a bit of surgery. Or anything else medical. There are only certain folks who can do both!)

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  1. I just taught a reedmaking seminar in Portland to 2 doctors, and one of my private students here in Eugene is a doctor. What is it with doctors and the oboe?