One of my oboes goes to Mark Chudnow today. I’m hoping he can fix the G# arm issue. (If that’s what I’m supposed to call that thing!) I did realize that the left hand B flat/E flat key duo (they are connected) are bent, and when I use left E flat it’s bent enough to also push down the A flat key a bit. That has to be repaired for sure. So I have a nearly 200 mile round trip to make this morning. Then it’s three oboe students and a symphony rehearsal.

I’ll be very relieved when the oboe gets figured out. Meanwhile I’m on EH this week. (And I do have the other Marigaux so I’m not oboe-less.)


  1. Oh boy…if you haven’t left yet and there happens to be anything you might think suitable (used or new), don’t hesitate…:):):) Thanks (I know it’s a chore to have to try out a bunch of different instruments, right?).

  2. I couldn’t do it today, Tim, for a couple of reasons.

    1) I forgot my reeds! Can you believe it? But when I take an oboe for repair I don’t need reeds. I’ll bring them when I pick it up, though.

    2) If you want me to bring something home with me you’ll need to contact Mark and figure out how that can happen, since you’ll need to get the oboe(s) back to him.

    I meant to email you about this and spaced out entirely. Sorry!

    I return next Tuesday.

    Mark said he had a used instrument and also his own MCW oboe about which I’ve heard wonderful things. The latter is brand new, of course.

    So you might want to call him if you want to figure things out with him. Since I see you next Wednesday I could possibly bring something(s) home with me then as long as you could get them back to him.