13. October 2008 · 2 comments · Categories: BQOD

An oboe player’s mom left a voice mail at the [city removed] Youth Orchestra office this morning saying her son is quitting because he is second oboe this year (he was first last year). What’s with that!?


  1. Someone did that to me last year. >:( That is, I had been third chair the previous year, and the girl who quit had been second and thought she should have been first. The following year, I made first ( 😀 ) and she was third and rather angered by it. She didn’t even challenge me. She just left. She’s the only oboist I haven’t been able to get along with so far. 🙁 It was especially sad because before, even though we weren’t really friends, she would talk to me. Then she was really mad at me… because I did well in an audition? Seriously, how can you take that personally?

  2. Ah, Miriam … but I think many of us take most everything personally. It can be difficult not to! 🙂