I’m fairly sure I’m saying goodbye to Facebook tomorrow. I don’t fully understand its value, and I do see some problems with it. And then today I managed to get someone angry, which is something I never like to do. It’s kind of a kick to see what people are up to, but anyone who really knows me can come here and find out how I’m wasting my time. You can leave comments here too, and fill me in on how you waste time. So I think I’ll survive. 😉

Of course I’m giving myself 24 hours to really decide. I’m wimpy that way.


  1. How did you manage to make someone angry in a way different than what you can do here? 🙂

  2. heh … oh I have my ways.

    I know I can really upset people, and truth of it is I always feel horrible when that happens. But I think Facebook just isn’t my thing. I’m no good at it!

  3. I just “friended” you on Facebook and now you’re leaving?


  4. Yeah, well … I just get really bugged when I’ve insulted or hurt someone’s feelings, and I also figured anyone who really does want to know what I’m up to will check this. Trouble is, I can’t check and see what everyone ELSE is up to. So I’m missing that already. From what I read, though, I can rejoin any time. I wonder if my “friends” will still be there, though. I don’t know how that works. Maybe if things get sorted out I’ll return. Time will tell!

  5. I just checked my friends list and you are no longer on it.

    If your friends haven’t quit Facebook, they will be members for you to search for when (or IF) you come back.

    I think it’s wise to delay quitting organizations until the “dust settles”. And you might try getting over being so sensitive about someone else’s feelings, which you cannot control or be responsible for. Hold your head up high! You’re a very nice person with a lot of integrity.

    Best wishes!

  6. My husband has this suggestion of waiting 24 hours before I respond to certain things. And I frequently take his advice. I just hating hurting feelings, and felt like crawling under a rock.

    But yeah, I’ll probably return. I think. Maybe.