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We had two rehearsals today, and I’m tired. And I didn’t even play for the entire rehearsals, as I only play Debussy’s La Mer while the majority (although not all) of musicians also play Beethoven’s first symphony and the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto. So who am I to complain, right? Of course I could go ahead and complain anyway. I’m rather good at it.

In between the afternoon and evening rehearsals I had time to come home, eat homemade pizza (thanks, Dan!), drink a (healthy, I’m sure) Whole Foods soda, and watch the debate. I’m not one to share my political views on my blog, so you’ll just have to guess where I stand. Or not. What this person thinks doesn’t really matter … does it? (If I were running my platform would be “a reed for every household” … I’m sure I’d win.)

After watching the debate I drove back to the hall, listening to the Dodgers lose. Woo hoo! (I will let you know where I stand there! I’m a Giants fan. You know a Giants fan can’t support the Dodgers. Sorry, SoCal friends!)

There are such advantages of living less than 10 minutes from work. I love it!

At the second rehearsal we played through the Debussy. It felt pretty good. Then we played through it again. That’s a lotta Debussy, since we also worked on it this afternoon. I’m feeling more comfortable, but my sick mind worries when I’m feeling comfortable.

I’m sure by tomorrow afternoon I’ll be feeling uncomfortable again. I can kind of count on that! 🙂

I frequently find Debussy a challenge. Sometimes I can’t wrap my brain around him. But I’m feeling good about it.

Now I’m killing time until the final episode of Project Runway is on at 11:00 (it was on at 9:00, but of course I wasn’t here). Meanwhile Top Design is on. It’s a show I’ve never watched. I’m not finding the designs exactly mind blowing. But maybe it’s like Debussy for me. Who knows?

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