Okay, oboe players may be more rare than pianists, but learning the oboe when you’d rather be throwing the football turns extracurricular activities into tedious homework.

I read it here.

I try to mention this on occasion. Don’t play oboe merely because you want a college entrance “ticket”. It’s just not worth it, and it might not work! Play oboe because you like the sound of an oboe. Play oboe because you love the orchestral experience you get with oboe. Play oboe because you think we get all the great, make-em-cry solos. Play oboe because you think making oboe reeds sounds like a total blast. (Okay, that last one … forget about it.)


  1. OMG those reeds are so COOL! They look like so much fuuuunnnn!!!!!!! Can I try? Please please please????

  2. Hey … go for it! (And send some reeds to me!)