21. October 2008 · 3 comments · Categories: Oboe

I picked up my repaired oboe (yay!), and had Mark look at the other one as well, which should now be a happy camper. At least for the time being. I also tried the MCW he had on hand. It’s a lovely instrument (and yes, it’s coming home with me, Tim!). I tried a used Loree and used Laubin, and I have to say I like the MCW more. So go figure.

Of course maybe I’ll steal it before you even get your hands on it. 😉


  1. Well, if that were the case, I’d think you might have an extra Marigaux lying around somewhere that you might-could-wanna unload to help defray the cost of the MCW 😉

    Either way I’ve got something better than the plastic beastie what I am using at this time…

  2. …er, wait a minnit…I suppose I couldn’t get away with blaming the instrument anymore, could I…hmmm, bears thinking upon…

    Ooo, hey – there’s always the reeds! I can blame the…what? Oh, sorry Mike…I…uh…well, crud.

    At least I’d have that-there articulated C# setup, anyhow. Hey, yeah, that’s it, it’s not that I didn’t practice, exactly, but I’m still getting used to the new key-thingies…

  3. I played it a bit more at lessons today (we have to be careful, as you would have to break this one in so as not to crack it … we hope!) … it’s one fine oboe, that’s for sure. 🙂