21. October 2008 · 2 comments · Categories: TV

Patrick Jane: Peter and the Wolf. Is the duck a flute or bassoon? I can’t remember.

Jennifer Sands: A bassoon, I think.

Just heard on The Mentalist. (Yeah, I’m watching that. Sorry to disappoint you.) Now we’ll see if the answer has anything to do with solving the crime. (Can’t imagine you can expect a concert goer to know the answer necessarily.)


If only you’d told me the duck was played by an oboe.

That DID solve the case. And she was expected to know that, if she really had gone to the concert. I have to say that’s one poor case, because I can’t tell you how many people go to concerts and think they’ve heard an oboe when they’ve heard something else. Even if they tell you it’s an oboe, how many people who don’t normally attend concerts remember the names of instruments? AND, wouldn’t her daughter have said, “We didn’t go to that concert,” if she was asked. Geesh. That’s it. Failure of show.

All because it was the oboe.


  1. You’re talking about non-muicians that go to a concert, right? Well, my teacher of music history (a cellist) said, while listening to Mahler 1: “Hear, there’s the clarinet again”, while the whole class agreed it was an oboe. I can tell you, that was kind of embarrasing.

  2. I’m feeling commenty today! I once played the English horn solo to “Send In The Clowns” with Judy Collins. Imagine my pride when she turned and said to me, “Nice oboe solo!”. Granted they are in the same family, but wouldn’t you think she’d know what was going on behind her? Someone once told me Frank Sinatra didn’t read music and had no musical training. Which was surprising until I saw a documentary of him recording “It Was a Very Good Year”, and he turned to the studio after the end and complained, “I think the oboe is a little flat on that A”. I’m guessing he knows something about music.