You can get free downloads from The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Cool eh? Check it out!

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  1. Thanks, Patty! These are great downloads and even my eleven year old said, “Wow! What is that music?” (in a GOOD way). Maybe I’ll figure out how to get them transferred to my ipod; that’s where 11 year olds come in handy.

    off topic the last you heard from me my oboe was in the oboe ICU at Daniel Deitch’s little shop on Clement St. I wish I were a better oboist so I could give you meaningful feedback but I think he did a great job with it; replaced all the pads and corks and it plays great! No cracks which is a blessing Now it’s my lip and lungs that need a tune up but am really loving playng again. I look forward to practicing when I get home everyday.

    I’ve heard you can prevent Alzeheimer’s by taking up something completely different for you (like learning a new language or carpentry or calculus) Playing again sure beats calculus although my family might argue that.
    Daniel also has no idea what type of an oboe a “B.R. Special” (the stamp on it) is but he thinks it’s fairly good insturment and worth the repair investment. And really, what else would he say? But he’s really nice; took a lot of time with this old amateur. The shop is a tiny little place but wonderful in the way old music stores are; there’s something about the smell (old cork grease and key oil maybe) or maybe all of the instruments waiting for their turn under the knife.

    Off topic again; my son wants to play and I won’t let him touch my baby so I’ve rented one for him (a “Jupiter” which is fine for a rental and anyway that’s all they had at the shop in Pacifica) but if he shows the committment what would you recommend as a good beginner instrument? Yamaha or Fox seems to be most people’s choice(s).
    I did look on ebay but that’s way too risky for so much cash. One of the big online places has a “barrington” for around 8 or 9 hundred; sorry if you’ve been over this in your website.

    Thanks for all of your help and encouragement!