Sunday I will be taking a quiet day.

After all … how can you miss me if I won’t go away? 😉


  1. Enjoy your quiet day, while the world moves on. Bring comfort to your life, while the earth is uncomfortable. Think of those less fortunate, that while you can have a day off, others are working, others still are starving, and still more are wondering what they will be doing next year

  2. Hmmm. I’m not sure how to take that, Ben. It sounds like a reprimand. I’ll ponder.

  3. Well, after all, it’s not like you’ve had to deal with one of your primary artistic outlets/income sources disappearing, like some symphony you were in going away, or anything. Sheesh. And then there’s the huge amount of money you receive from posting to this blog as well – you owe your regular readers multiple entries every single day…

    You shouldn’t think of yourself (much less your family) ever, since Bad Things(tm) might be/are happening somewhere in the world. And you should always finish all your food, because there are people starving out there who will somehow magically receive food as long as you eat everything on your plate.

  4. I really am puzzled by Mr. Clapton’s comments, but I am not exactly sure what he meant by them so I’m hoping he’ll clarify. Having lost a symphony after being a member for 27 years, and having seen our funding disappear bit by bit, I understand the frustration he’s feeling.

    I’d never compare my situation, though, with the starving and the jobless.

  5. My read is that he has been impacted by the thing he posted (or similar) and is depressed/dismayed/negatively-impacted thereby – to which I have no complaint and nothing but sympathy. I have watched the local company for which I work go from 32,000 employees (largest employer in the county) to around 8,000 in the 20 years I’ve been there (I didn’t count the number of layoffs/RIF/”right-sizing” whatever, but at a guess there have been between five and ten, not counting the one time they offered an incentive).

    Given that interpretation, it’s still a fairly rude and inappropriate admonition, in my opinion. But perhaps he’s young?

    And if he is young (well, less than 30, say), I would expect him to resent the heck out of what I just posted. And I would hope he would ultimately realize why he resents it, too.

  6. I’m sorry if it sounded like a reprimand, I certainly had no intention like that. There was part of me that really wished you a fantastic day, as I know we can all use a quiet day every now and then. But also just a thought provoking comment to get people to think about those less fortunate, whether it’s a lazy day or a busy one. And finally the main reason for posting was to try and get word out about ANAM’s funding cut. I don’t like just posting a comment to advertise, to I try to come up with a meaningful comment, but I might have been scraping the bucket a bit thin with this one.

    And Tim, I am young (22), and I’ll resent and realise why. 🙂

  7. When we write we can’t hear tone of voice, so sometimes it’s very difficult to tell if someone is being witty or merely telling another person off.

    Of course, Ben, I should always think of others. I should put them first. I should be thankful for all I have, and I should give to others. I’m pretty darn aware of how good I have it. I frequently live in guilt due to that, being as that’s who I am.

    As far as ANAM’s funding, I’m sorry.