We can do the serious classical stuff when we are old, wrinkly and fat.

-Chantal of the group Escala

I read it here.


  1. And…bad for them 8-(.

    If I could redefine the term “good music” for everyone in the world to be “music that I play and/or enjoy” then…well, shoot.

    I guess I figger that’ll happen about as soon as I become a concert harpist…

    (even though my harp-skills are definitely 133t – or, you know, they would be if I actually tried playing the beastie.)

  2. (…and I’m not just saying that because I’m old, wrinkly, fat and bald…oh, wait, they didn’t have the bald thing? Crud.)

  3. And when they’re old and fat, I’m sure everyone will be rushing to buy their latest CD since they’ve made such a reputation for themselves based on their musical ability.