No clowns in Detroit, no pops in Pasadena.

Michigan Opera Theater has canceled a production of Leoncavallo’s “Pagliacci” because of the economy’s southward plunge. The Pasadena Symphony Orchestra has abandoned plans for three pops concerts.

As it has everywhere else these days, the economic crisis has hit classical music, a particularly fragile corner of the nonprofit world that depends as much on donations as on ticket sales.

You can read the whole thing here.

Things are looking tough for those of us in the arts. But of course I am still eating and still clothed and I have much to be thankful for (even if I can’t find a good reed).

“Times is hard. Times is hard.” (Name that musical … not too difficult, right?)


  1. Well, since nobody’s answered yet: Sweeney Todd. And that repeated phrase has been going through my head a lot lately.

  2. Gee, Mike, I hope it’s not going through your head because life isn’t great right now …? 🙁

  3. Still eating and still clothed? Come on now, let’s stop before you lose your G rating! If you can’t find a good reed, don’t blame me.

  4. Hah … I should order some from you, eh? That’ll solve that problem perhaps?

    And I’ll always have a G rating. I’m just a G rated girl. Go figure.

  5. Oh no, it’s just that every time there’s something on the news about the economy (which is, roughly, every 30 seconds) that phrase pops into my head.

  6. Economy? What’s that mean?

    Yeah … between hearing about the economy and the election I just want to stop listening to the news.