A new study found that elderly patients who listened to a 12-minute Mozart sonata three times a week significantly lowered their blood pressure and heart rate. If Mozart isn’t on your hit parade, don’t worry: You can get even better results by listening to a CD with the sounds of ocean waves, researchers found. The Mozart and ocean-sounds listeners reduced their blood pressure by about 5 percent.

So if you have low BP could you commit suicide by listening to too much Mozart or taking a holiday at the sea? Huh? Huh? 😉

I read it here.


  1. Golly gee, thanks for sharing that news, even if it really stinks. 😉

  2. You mean to commit suicide or to lower your blood pressure? 😉

  3. Mean? Who you calling mean? 😉

    Hmmm … What DO I mean? Who am I anyway? And where the heck am I going?

    Okay, okay. Trying to be witty. Not succeeding. It’s just too darn early. (And I’ve already been to the Toyota dealership and had my car serviced. It must be time for a nap. Or something. Maybe I’ll listen to some Mozart.

  4. Or you could just…oh, never mind.

    I was actually addressing my question to SongMonk, since you’d already pointed out lowered blood pressure as a means to suicide. But I think I failed the witty test too.

  5. Um. Yes. I knew that.

    Or not.

    Geesh. It’s just a fact: I have OldBoeBrain and there’s no recovery. And I have Left Brain too, which really really bugs me because I want to be artistic. (I’m assuming you’ve seen the dancer test? http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,023739,22556678-23272,00.html )

  6. Sigh. I can’t see it going right no matter how hard I try. My mom can make her go either direction. Dan’s a righty.

    It’s not fair!

  7. Is she really going in one direction? She keeps switching every few turns for me. I can’t get her to go in the same direction for more than 5 or 6 turns, and then she changes direction! It’s making me dizzy. . . I guess that means I’m neither-brained. I thought for sure I was left-brained.

  8. I have tried and tried to get her to go clockwise, anzu, and I simply can’t! So yes, she really is going in one direction. For me. Sigh. I want her to go both directions. 🙁

  9. It started clockwise, then went counter, then back to clockwise…

  10. Okay … I’m not stomping and screaming “It’s not FAIR!!!”

    How come I can’t get her to dance both directions? Geesh!