Opera rehearsal was “meh” (to quote some kids I know). My reed didn’t exactly misbehave, but it wasn’t the sort I’d want to play a performance on. Lots of silly music, though … it’s a comedy, after all.

Now I teach a student, so I can’t quite relax yet.

The nice thing about having an afternoon rehearsal is that I have my evening free. The bad thing is that I had to cancel two of three students, which I dislike doing, and I have to miss Friday’s opera rehearsal entirely because I can’t really cancel my UCSC students.

Still … an evening entirely off is a good thing! 🙂


  1. …and the real reason you disliked canceling lessons this afternoon was because you missed out on a chance to play oboe 819…:)

  2. “meh” — hehehe.

    How do the kids feel about you subsuming their language? 🙂

  3. Tim … you caught me! (I was just bragging about your oboe to my colleague at opera today, and again to another student.)

    SongMonk … I’ve not thought to ask them. I prefer to just borrow the word though; they can have it back. If they ask. Nicely. 😉