I’m just home from Idomeneo. I’m too tired to really write. I will only quickly say I was disappointed when it was announce that Alice Coote wouldn’t be singing, but I had not reason to be; I thought Daniela Mack did quite well!

But the opera … totally new to me … sure has some bizarre little bits in it. I’m going to have to listen to it some more.

And now I must rest this weary head. (Along with the rest of the body.)


  1. You mean in the opera, I’m assuming? (I am coaching a quintet/quartet, but how would you know that, right?) My brain is fuzzy, but the quartet was good. I can’t say this is my fave Mozart opera, but I especially loved Ilia’s arias.

  2. Yes, I meant the quartet in the opera. I love the Elettra arias of when she goes postal after hearing she’s not going to marry idamante. This opera’s main significance was that it heralded a new level of maturity in Mozart’s operatic style.