From the IDRS:

A substantial reward has been offered today for the safe return of a rare contrabassoon stolen in the run up to its appearance in a Colburn Orchestra concert.

The Fox 950 model contrabassoon, serial no. 622, one of only four in the world, was stolen from a rehearsal room on The Colburn School’s downtown campus last week. School administrators say they will be unable to replace the instrument, ahead of the Colburn Orchestra’s performance next Saturday, 8th November 2008.

The Colburn School is offering a substantial cash reward for information leading to the recovery of the contrabassoon in a serviceable condition. It urges members of the public with information to contact the Dean’s office at The Colburn School on 213-621-1025. All calls will be dealt with in complete confidence.

Keep your eyes and ears open for this, please!


  1. How do you suppose some thief would sell a hot contrabassoon? Or could it have ben a contrabassoonist who stole it?

  2. People do stupid things! I had a friend who had two oboes stolen from his car. They later found one of the instruments on the side of the road. I guess whoever stole them realized they couldn’t really do much with them. Or some such thing.

  3. I dunno – just the other day a guy on the sidewalk was asking me if I was interested in a quality contrabassoon, cheap (the guy on the corner before that had a harpsichord under his coat)…

    Ok, so Firefox doesn’t complain about “dunno”, but “contrabassoon” is flagged as a misspelling. Sheesh*, even.

    *”Sheesh” is apparently misspelled as well.