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Classical music is a cinematic experience for the imagination. It just carries you along. It provokes your emotional responses, and with those come mental reveries, images and thoughts that you can delight in.

At one time, classical music was the privilege of the very few, for the rich and the blue bloods. But now, this being a democracy, it is really the heritage of all people, and I think the Castellano family (co-presenter of Saturday’s event) really want to say to the Latino community, “This music is as much yours as anyone’s. We’re not only about the mariachi.”

I love the mariachi. But there are also Mexican composers, including Carlos Chavez, who have brought the Mexican experience to classical music. Chavez knew Copland, did you know? I just think classical music is one of the treasures of the human race. Let’s spread it. Let’s give it out.

-Luis Valdez

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