08. November 2008 · Comments Off on Dr. Atomic @ the Movies · Categories: Links, Opera, Ramble

We are home from the Met’s production of Dr. Atomic (along with a very filling lunch after). I enjoyed it quite a lot. I know it was panned by many. I thought it was very good. But what do I know? I’m just an oboe player! The cast included some of those we saw in San Francisco (Richard Paul Fink, Gerald Finley (!!), Thomas Glenn, and Eric Owens) … all of whom were just excellent. (I will confess I had to look them up to see if they were the same.) Additions were Sasha Cooke, Earle Patriarco, Roger Honeywell and Meredith Arwady.

I still prefer to be at a live performance, so I can decide what I want to look at, rather than being “told” what I have to look at, but I doubt I’ll ever get to a Met performance so this will do just fine!

We sat next to two women who attend San Francisco Opera, and have also been to the Met, Chicago (Lyric Opera, maybe?), and operas in Europe. They know Opera San José’s principal flutist as well. I got the distinct impression OSJ wasn’t good enough for them. Too bad. While we might not be at the level of SF or NY, I think we have something very special to offer. (One did comment on how she loves Merola.) Ah well. I try not to let my ego get too damaged.

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