08. November 2008 · Comments Off on Good Show! · Categories: Ramble

I’m home from Elixir. The audience seemed quite receptive … lots of standing folks at the end. OSJ crowds don’t always stand, so this is a good sign. I thought it went very well. Una furtiva was great — both the tenor and our incredible bassoonist sounded wonderful.

So many operas are oboeific™ (meaning lots of solos), but this one isn’t such a big deal. Of course now that I’ve written I’ll probably find it difficult. That happens with me, wouldn’t ya know?

I think ticket sales are low, which is worrisome. I hope things pick up soon; opera is my first love and I would be extremely unhappy if something horrible happened to my favorite job. Miss Dalis is a wise businesswoman, though, so I am hopeful that things will be okay. Just difficult for now.

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