SFCV has a positive review. Unfortunately it states that we go through “next weekend” … how to interpret that? Would you think that would be through the 16th? If so, you’d be wrong. We go through the 23rd. (But maybe I’m the only one who would interpret it that way.)

And Mike, she writes this:

The Opera San José chorus seems to be getting stronger and stronger with each new production.

No mention of the orchestra. Oh well.

Writing Classical Scales in B Major — powered by ExpertVillage.com

I am entirely puzzled. If you don’t know why … well … never mind.

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Monday is a day that is rarely a rehearsal day, and I can’t remember the last time I had a performance. Oh. Wait. Yes I can. It was last year’s Sing Along Messiah, which I have again this year. So there you go. (December 8 this year, in case anyone is interested.) But mostly Mondays are free until I begin teaching. I had even hoped I’d be able to keep Monday free of students as well; some year I’m going to have one day off a week — just not this year.

But Monday morning I usually wake up thinking, “I’m going to clean this house!” Right now I’m having my latté and thinking, “I’m going to clean this house … but I need energy to do that!”

I suppose I’ll just have to get going and hope the energy arrives after I begin. Because so far it’s not here.


  • clean bathrooms
  • clean kitchen
  • laundry: wash, fold, put away
  • dust entire house
  • vacuum entire house

    … and I’m not even considering the yard. But then I never do consider the yard! :-/

    Ready … set … um … go … almost … soon … I promise …

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“No,” the class shouted in unison.

On this particular day, the sounds came from the composer’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 4.

“Bach composed a happy melody with a bouncy rhythm as the main musical idea, and playful, rhythmically active music for the solo violin,” Morrissey explained over the PA system before playing the music via CD.

As the music, a mix of recorders and violin continued, Fitzsimmons’ students grew quieter and quieter. No doubt music to their teacher’s ears.

Fitzsimmons said the music is a great way to introduce students to different music. And there is that added benefit.

“It does calm them down in the morning,” she said.

All three of Bourne Public School’s elementary schools started playing the classical music lessons this fall, thanks to Mastersingers by the Sea, a Falmouth chamber chorus. The group, led by its music director David MacKenzie, donated the classical music programs to the Bourne schools. The program, developed by the Canadian company, Tall Timbers Publishing Corporation, features five years worth of lessons.

I read it here.

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I think back to my college days while the double reed players (and lets face-it, they are some of the geekiest in the band, are they not?) spent hours in and out of rehearsal hunched over their mandrills, plaques, hollow ground reed knifes and the like making reeds for every situation that they might encounter in a performance.

(Found on an barely maintained anonymous middle school band director’s site. Reading more, I can see that he loves to perpetuate the “band geek” thing. I wonder how the parents of the band students feel about this.)

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He was a green-eyed tennis player with perfect pitch who played the oboe ….

-Law & Order episode Seeds