11. November 2008 · Comments Off on I’ve Heard He’s Brilliant, Too · Categories: Ramble

You know … that movie star Seth Green? The climber?

Or maybe you are like me and don’t really know him after all. (Yeah, I lied about the brilliant thing. Sorry. But perhaps he really is brilliant. Who am I to say?)

Green ran at Australia’s iconic building, jumped into the crevice and kept moving until he was 11 metres above the ground.

“I got to the high point and turned around, my friend took the photo, but it was only then I realised just how steep the incline was and on the way down I didn’t have a lot of stopping ability,” he said.

“But, the moment I was ready to slide down and burn the soles off my shoes, a security guard walked around the corner.

I wonder if he’s ever gone inside the opera house. That’s where I’d prefer to be. But I’m silly that way.

I read it here.

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