13. November 2008 · 1 comment · Categories: BQOD

I Don’t Understand Classical Music

As it turns out, this week, after a year of writing about over 1000 of the 6500 or so songs in my iTunes library, I have arrived at my first classical recording. I dig classical music, but I have less than a child’s understanding of it.

If you or somebody you know can explain it fairly well, now is the time to go to [URL deleted] and school me lest I pass on bad information to a generation of… to thousands of… uh…

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  1. Eh, I don’t really “understand” Eastern music (or some forms of more modern music, for that matter). I sometimes think that there are modern artists who would never have achieved their current level of fame or popularity if MTV had never been created (i. e. based purely on their sound) – and I think the concept of MTV is brilliant, but maybe not necessarily conducive to better music…

    (Did I say that? Oh noes…)