If you look at your music bag and think to yourself, “Gee, I’d be in a bit of trouble if I packed the wrong glasses and left my music reading glasses at home,” just go ahead and look in the bag to see if that is, in fact, the case. You will save yourself a good bit of anxiety that way. You will be able to read your music, and you won’t wind up with aching eyes. 🙂

Yeah, you are smart enough to figure out what I’m sayin’ there. Or, if you’re not, you’re even dumber than I am!

When I got to the pit today it was 65 degrees in there. We were told that the air conditioning is broken, so they have to blast it until the show begins, turn it off for the first act, turn it back on for the intermission, and then turn it back off for the second half. It did finally warm up, so I didn’t even get to complain. Can you imagine?!


  1. As all my gigs have been amateur ones, I certainly can’t imagine any such thing happening ;). I can remember, however, wincing (well, near wincing, since I was playing/performing) in pain from what I thought was feedback from the sound system (turned out to be an audience member adjusting a hearing aid, in that instance – smallish theater).

    Eh, you perfeshinals are done spoiled, is what it is…blasting AC, high humidity/heat, screeching hearing aids, extreme temperatures…all part of the gig, right? 🙂

    Bottom line, one gets to play (and all the other stuff makes for fun stories to share).

    And I don’t know if I’ve had any gigs since I switched to progressive lenses (pretty much not likely), but my wife went out of her way to get music-specific-glasses (just a sliver of far-distance on the very top) this last time – don’t know if I’ll need to follow-suit or not yet. Stupid eyeballs…I had finally gotten complacent about them when they stopped losing distance-vision every year; then my near-vision decided to pack it in.

    Sigh. Shucks, if there was a good alternative, I’d suggest that people avoid getting older…me, I’m going to hang in there and wait for a good alternative…:)

  2. Hah! Spoiled? Me? 😉

    But really, 65 is just too cold to deal with the oboe; I am not up for a cracked oboe, and even my old beast, with pins already, could crack again. So I have to be a bit careful. I’m not up for a new oboe, wouldn’t you know?

    I have music reading glasses that are like your wife’s and they really are wonderful. Using my “normal” progressive glasses is really miserable … good thing I know my part well enough or I’d have been in a heap ‘o trouble.

    And, believe it or not, only at my last visit did my distance vision NOT get worse. Sigh. I have rotten, rotten eyes. But I’m thankful to have vision at all, after watching a family member lose hers.

    I’d love to not get older. But, alas … well … I’ll tell you soon ….

  3. 65 Fahrenheit? Celcius would be way too hot and my phone says 65 Kelvin is -203 celcius so I take it it’s 65 fahrenheit, which would be 18 celcius… which is almost room temperature. Is that too cold for oboe? I went outside with it when it was below 10 degrees, (or 50 fahrenheit)and nothing happened to it… Just sounded bad XD

  4. I know I’m picky, but I prefer 68. I do think 65 is too cold for an oboe. I know if it goes below 60 I’m not even going to get it out.

    If my oboe is cold pitch is awful too.

    But I do know I’m spoiled. 🙂