Business Conductor

The city needs to stop subsidizing the S.F. Symphony and other snobby arts organizations that cater to the rich.

I get the feeling the guy who wrote the article doesn’t really care for MTT. I’m gonna guess, too, that his salary is a bit lower. Ya think?


  1. geez, so shocking… although he lists the facts later on, the writer is lucky to have many readers left before they get there. I’ll have to read the article in more detail. SF Weekly also did an odd article on SF Ballet a few months back and portrayed them to be slave-driverish, with an almost funny and so over-the-top photo of a toe shoe soaked in blood. It reeks of sensationalism.

    “That patronizing mission would be outdated even if they were earnest about pulling it off. But they’re not: They’ve turned our local culture palaces into sites for air-kiss orgies among the superrich.”

    Wow I’m there often and I’m not superrich and even have several tens of thousand dollars in college debt.

    Thanks for the link.

  2. Generally, though, it’s not writers who do the titles or subheads. Blame the editor!

  3. I’ll blame the editor for that. But the entire article is pretty harsh … or it comes across that way to me. but I’m rather wimpy!