This is not how I plan on celebrating my birthday, nor is it how I would ever get dressed. I promise.

I have, however, done a whole lotta nothing today. Aside from trying to make myself feel less than entirely lazy by cleaning the kitchen sink, taking out the garbage, and raking leaves, I’ve been a total sloth. Very, very sad way to start 52, I think. So perhaps I’ll turn off the music (Donizetti’s Maria Padilla, which I’m entirely unfamiliar with but had heard about because of some large English horn solo) and get to reeds.

It could happen.


  1. By all means, Patty, get to work because that is the only way to celebrate one’s birthday – nose to the grindstone! Heaven forbid you should indulge yourself and relax a little. 😉 I’m reporting you to the Birthday Police.

  2. Oh, no worries there – my lesson started at 3:30, so she was starting to long for the opportunity to work on reeds by, what, no later than 3:45? 🙂

  3. happy happy happy fiftytwo! (: do more interesting things than taking out garbage and raking leaves, and then blog about them!

  4. Hah! You all make me smile. Or laugh. Or something.

    Let’s see … I was totally lazy today, aside from teaching two lessons and doing that tiny bit of work raking and cleaning. Really. A total bum. And tomorrow I’ll embarrass myself at a recording studio since I didn’t practice much. Oh well!

    I did work on reeds a bit BEFORE Tim’s lesson, but after that I went back to being a bum.

    Tonight was Doctor Atomic (my third time hearing it). I love it, but have decided it could use a trim. Maybe I’ll blog about that later. Maybe not. Right now this old lady has to get to bed!