My friend and colleague has written me with this:

Maybe one of the far flung people who read your blog can help me translate some Danish found in the ballet part – nothing important; just random comments.

ingen blindtakt
Obs! Ev. repris hantran efter applad
maa icke synges! (my favorite)

Can someone out there answer this? We’d love it! 🙂

I’m going to guess the second one is something about applause. Am I anywhere close to right?


  1. I’ll try to help out;

    “ingen blindtakt” means probably “no empty bar”. “Obs! Ev. repris hantran efter applad” is a bit obscure, because I don’t know the word “hantran” – something from the ballet? Anyway, the sentence should translate “Obs! hantran (?) may be repeated after the applause”. “maa icke synges” means “may not be sung”.
    But that is bit strange in a ballet?

    Perhaps the word hantran was misread? Or it’s some strange danish word I’ve never heard before.
    (Written danish and norwegian is quite easy to understand for a swedish person, but there are some strange words here and there..)

  2. Thanks, Katarina! I sent the info to my friend. 🙂