“Oh, my English is terrible! But I know few words more than last time.”

Is he taking lessons?

“No, no. Look, speaking with people, reading a little bit in English, some things.”

What is he reading?

Shakespeare, it turns out. He read “Romeo and Juliet” in Spanish one time, so he thought he’d try it in English.

“I was trying to read in English, like, (as) exercise for me.”

Shakespeare in the original?

“The original Shakespeare. I hope it was one, because it was a very old book that my wife have, and she speak perfect English. Yes, because she was living in London. And this is also part of my little knowledge about English.”

Seems like a hard way to learn English.

Shakespearean rehearsals would be entertaining, I think. I might not fully understand instructions I’m given, though. 😉

I read it here, and it’s about Maestro Dudamel. Someday I’d love to see this guy conduct.


  1. He’s a bit of a joker you know! He is rather eloquent in English.

    I was at *that* Prom in 2007 and also heard him this Summer at Snape Maltings with the Gothenburg SO in the Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique.

    I’m looking forward to the visit of the SBYO to London next April. Two concerts: Bartok Concerto for Orchestra in one and Le Sacré in the other. I’ve had my tickets for some time.

  2. I’ve never met him, and I suppose I never will, but I do hope to get to see him at work sometime. Who knows when, though; I missed him when he was in our area.

    Of course I’ve seen the YouTube video …. 🙂