I am thankful for so much. Faith, family, friends. Music. Art. Words. Health. House. Warmth. Rain. … and a cleaned up yard. 😉

Mostly I’m just going to be thankful and leave it at that.

I wish everyone a very wonderful Thanksgiving. (And yeah, I’ll probably be back later with some silly post, but you never know!)



  1. Now that I’ve gotten the house mostly cleaned up and the turkey is quietly smoking (I know, I know – bad habit) on the grill, I can take a deep breath or two and say: backatcha :).

  2. Let’s see … turkey is in the oven, sweet potatoes are ready, carrots steaming, slaw in fridge, table set …

    I think we are nearly ready for the 12 who will be here. And we are early. We are NEVER early. I’m guessing that means I’ve forgotten something!

    Hope you enjoy the day, the food and the family, Tim!

    Oh … and I’m very thankful for students too. But they do fall under the “friends” category. 🙂

  3. PS I do have mashed potatoes and stuffing too. (Others bring pies, cranberry … more ….) 🙂

    Can’t forget my stuffing and mashed potatoes.