04. December 2008 · Comments Off on BQOD · Categories: BQOD

“I Saw Three Ships” is ALMOST DONE.

All that remains is to finish the coda, flesh out the English horn’s harmony in the second verse, and add appropriate markings and the like. And I am DONE.

My dilemma: Apparently the school band hasn’t got English horns.

So either I’ll just have to play the crappy synthesized version in the music program, or substitute an instrument. I have my brother volunteering his oboe, but… well, it’s very nice of him and he’s a great musician, but see, those things honk. I do not want my Christmas arrangement honking, thank you very much. I figure I’ll be tackling a violin if I can’t find someone who plays English horn by next week. Ah, well. Either way it’ll be performed, and that’s all that matters.

Hmmm. An oboe honks?! Maybe it’s just her brother that honks. One wonders.

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