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Late night drinkers in London will now be served tea and biscuits as part of a taxpayer-funded scheme to cut anti-social behaviour at the closing time of bars.

The pilot scheme is part of a 30,000 pounds package of measures, which has been designed to counter rowdy at a late night trouble spot in northwest London.

The bars will also play classical music after last orders in an attempt to soothe patrons before they leave the premises.

A spokesman for Brent council said that the quirky new approach had been shown to work in American towns.

I read it here.

There are many things I could say. Jokes. Arguments. Whatnot.

But I will refrain. I’m listening to classical music right now and I’m just feeling very very calm. I’m simply not feeling argumentative at all. Or rowdy.

Maybe it’s also that it’s 6:34 AM and I’m barely awake, though.

(Oh, and in order not to lie I had to quickly put something on to listen to, so I’m listening to the free sampler of Einojuhani Rautavaara, which I downloaded from emusic.com. It was a free sampler. I’ve never heard his work before. Should I be ashamed? Right now I’m listening to Cantus Arcticus, Concerto for birds and orchestra. I feel like my mom is calling me or something with all these downward minor thirds. Does that sound like a mom calling for her child? Does to me, anyway!)

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