I know a lot of folks think the You Tube Symphony is a very silly idea. Whatever. I can’t really get all upset about it or all jazzed about it. It just is. So there you go. Me being as clear as I can possibly be. 😉

But there are “masterclasses” for all the instruments, give by members of the London Symphony Orchestra that you can check out. Below are the English horn and oboe masterclasses.

English horn
I don’t really think the “fast tonguing” sections for English horn (Cor Anglais) really sound fast, but what do I know?:

(Again, I would never need to double tongue something that goes as slowly as he sang it.

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  1. For some reason, I’m highly amused by the part about the low g in the oboe part. I don’t know why, but I legitimately lol’d. It almost makes me want create a really junky make-shift extension for my oboe (like, out of paper towel tubes or something. How many do you think I’d need? D’ya think it’d even work?) and submit a video where I actually hit a low g. almost… I should totally make the extension anyway when I have time(ahahahahahaha, time?)