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As I was preparing for our Christmas party last night, my three-year-old son walked out of my closet with one of my bras wrapped around his chest. He said, “Look, Mommy! I have oboe’s! ” Where in the world, do kids come up with this stuff!?!?

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It is finally hitting me; I will probably never get to play musical theatre again, what with the death of AMTSJ. Sigh. Musical theatre is always great fun for me. It’s sort of like being on vacation, because I find the stress so miniscule, if it exists at all.

How sad is that?

I know, I know, a lot of my classical music buddies think I’m goofy. But I love MT and I’ll miss it. 🙁

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Music makes it possible for all the Israeli members of the orchestra to support an Egyptian oboist’s solo, and for all the Arab members of the orchestra to support an Israeli flautist’s solo, because music engenders a true and effortless spirit of creativity and brotherhood.

-Daniel Barenboim

I read it here.

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Magnificat, J. S. Bach, “Fecit potentiam”

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“I had a nice rehearsal with the orchestra last night. For me, it’s a great pleasure to work with them,” he says. “Obviously, they enjoy the music. They enjoy the work, and they’re excited to be there.

“They don’t have any of that longtime professional quietude,” he continues, with a soft laugh. “They’re overtly energized and very excited about what they’re doing.”

-Leonard Nimoy

I read it here.

Hmmm. Does he really mean “quietude” … or might he mean “laziness” or “lack of caring”. 🙂

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Hmmm. The two leads in Sir ALW’s Phantom of the Opera will be played by robots.

I read it here and here.

So many jokes ….