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Whether it’s dogs barking “Jingle Bells” or Hannah Montana Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, this piped in music is the auditory equivalent of trees and tinsel. Consumer research has shown that music, when it isn’t torture, indeed has a significant effect on buying behavior. In a 1999 study, the experimental psychologist Adrian North and his colleagues from the University of Leicester played either German or French classical music in the background at a wine shop. Sales of French and German wines increased when the music from their respective countries was playing.

Weird. I wonder if the wine buyers knew they were listening to a certain country’s music. When I was shopping at Gap the other day they were playing some sort of rock and it didn’t make me want to buy any clothes that looked “rockish”. But whatever.

You can read the whole article here.

Me? I hate music at shopping centers because it isn’t my choice. And I hate it because it’s far too loud. I still say they should just hand out wireless headphones to those who want to listen to music, and the rest of us can shop in silence. I’d stay at stores longer. They might get more of my money. Or not.

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