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Florida has had problems in the past (there’s the demise of the Florida Philharmonic, for one). This time it’s paying the orchestra that’s the problem. Sad, especially at this time of year.

By all accounts, the first two productions of the first opera company in Polk County have been artistic successes, but a difficult economic situation has left the Opera Theater of Lakeland struggling to meet its obligations.

Several musicians who played in the pit orchestra Nov. 8 for the company’s first production, “The Barber of Seville,” told The Ledger last week they still have not been paid. They also complained that the company’s managers had not responded to their inquiries.

“People depend on that income,” said Victoria Marshall, a violist who played in the orchestra for “Barber” and as of Friday had not been paid nor received an explanation. “Some are full-time musicians trying to make it on teaching and playing.”

I read it here.

The article ends with:

Mazur said because the musicians had not been paid, it was difficult to form an orchestra for the Dec. 6 production of “Amahl,” and the singers were accompanied by two pianos rather than an orchestra.

Well, yes. Ultimately that is what happens. If you don’t pay, they don’t play. Go figure.

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