19. December 2008 · Comments Off on Quiet City · Categories: Dreams, English horn, Links

This video reminds me of something I dream occasion: I’m holding the English horn and trying to play, but I can’t reach keys, or it’s just so darn awkward I can’t manage to play it. Watching this video, in fact, causes great discomfort, which makes me wonder if this is the work I dream I can’t play or something. Weird.

Truth is, I have no issues with holding the English horn. Most people I know use a peg or a strap, but my hands are large enough and rather strong, so I rarely tire or ache.

I’ve never performed Quiet City. It was on the schedule at Santa Clara University a couple of years ago, but the trumpet player had to cancel due to a full plate. I wasn’t sorry. It’s not a work I quite wrap my heart around for some reason. Perhaps if I performed it that would change. Playing it on one’s own doesn’t quite work … at least not for me.

I just located the video above (I’ve been lazy in my YouTube searching I guess). I won’t be critiquing it here. As folks know, I don’t do that sort of thing. I’ll let you all do that. 🙂

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