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Dan sells photos. Just so you know. 🙂

Here is another in his egret series.

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I’m home, eating dinner between the two Nutcrackers we have today.

Some people go out to dinner. I live about 7 minutes away, so I can easily get home. Socializing would probably be a good idea for me, since I’m such a hermit, but I really wasn’t up for it today.

So here I am. And no one is home.

No, this doesn’t make me sad and lonely. It means I relax and recuperate. I do love my family, but I am also fine with solitude. And my computer. 🙂

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Part 1:

Part 2:

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Down the hall from me lives an oboist. I don’t know his name, or even whether he really is a “he”. All I know about this neighbor is music, the melancholy notes tinged with the exotic (like a snakecharmer) that float down the hall during practice. When I was a teenager, I played the oboe and was quite good. I want to knock on his door and ask “Can you hook me up with some reeds?” the way a junkie might ask for a fix. The addiction of music is strong after all these years.