Sometimes reading the “info” part of a video at YouTube cracks me up. Sometimes it’s just too darn cute (younger students). Sometimes merely puzzling.

“Me playing the oboe that needs to go in for adjustment, through a bad quality microphone!”

“I’ve been playing oboe for a little over a year now, so I dunno how great it sounds.”

“I love my oboe.”

“For the more advanced oboe reed destroyers, use your creativity!!” (There are a number of videos of people destroying oboe reeds. Go figure.)

“I messed up a few times, but I’ve only been playing the oboe for about 9 months.”

For those who have made their apologies for their playing: “Bravi tutti! You are well on your way to becoming a professional oboist.” 😉

And then there are those who scare me. (I’d hate to see that reed go through the soft palette. Ouch!)

Finally, an oboist in the recording studio, playing an arrangement of “Angels We Have Heard On High”. I can’t say I love the arrangement, but she does a good job. I like seeing the camera focus on the hands, too!


  1. I was hospitalized, granted 15 years ago, for trying this with a plastic recorder.

  2. There was a video quite a while back where a VERY young child was playing oboe while bouncing a bit on a bed. Her babysitter was the one who was the oboist. Totally frightening video. (If I were the child’s parents that babysitter would be history.)

    I’m assuming the sitter didn’t realize how dangerous that was, but still ….