Some of you have contacted me saying you are having trouble with logging in, changing your password and/or commenting. I do apologize! We recently changed some things to assist in getting fewer spambot registrations and that might be causing this trouble. Feel free to contact me if you are having problems with the site. Or I could change your password for you and see if that allows you to get in. Or simply re-register. (If you want me to delete your old registration I can easily do that.)

Sorry ’bout this. I do hope you stick around, and I appreciate comments, so I hope they continue. 🙂

Dan deactivated what we assume is the problem, so if any of you readers out there want to try logging in again you could give it a go and let me know if we are okay again. Thanks!


  1. new password worked…going to try to change it now (fire in the hole!)

  2. That’s worked as well, yay (i. e. all has been sorted).

  3. Well, I suspect it worked because Dan dumped the app that was causing the trouble. I hope so … it would mean everyone could get back in here! 🙂

  4. It’s magic, I tell ya!

  5. When for one reason or another I did not have my password, I simply could not get the “send me my password” function to work. We’re not talking recently, but two or three times over the last couple of years. Eventually I dug it out of my old computer.

  6. Sorry about the wordpress issues, David. I’m clueless when it comes to computers and programs and all, and rely entirely on my husband.

    I need him for his brains. He needs me for my cleaning skills. Teamwork. 😉