Mrs. T and I were chatting about the decline and fall of Western civilization while driving from Smalltown to St. Louis the other day, and I offered the following Universal Explanation of everything bad about the world: Most people are stupid. She agreed, reluctantly.

-Terry Teachout (I read it here)

Oh dear. Here’s a fear of mine: I fear my stupidity. I fear I’m not as smart as I think I am … and I already think I’m not all that smart.

I also fear I’m actually a horrible musician and no one has the heart to tell me.

And I fear that people are being nice to me — pretending to be my friend — because they feel so sorry for me. I know at some point they’ll come clean and explain that.

A puzzlement:
At the same time I think I’m smart (or at least not-so-dumb), a good musician (or at least not-so-bad) and that my friends like me (at least a little).

How stupid is that??

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  1. I read you’re blog and most of the time all you see is a number when I do… it’s probably not just for your sake. 🙂 You must said something smart at some point or another then.

    I dunno if you’ve ever read this blog (I dunno if you already have a link to it on your site 😛 and I’m too lazy to check) but this reminds me of his book “The Principles of Applied Stupidity.” The main theme is that stupidity has many uses and shouldn’t be a cause for shame. One of his principles is “fear of looking stupid is a powerful force” which implies that your fears are kinda universal. Also, as the book applies to your quote, one could argue that everyone who ever lived is stupid because what they didn’t know far outweighed what they did.

    Aren’t I good at spitting back information? Anyway, if you don’t know the blog, it’s really good which is why I read the book.