01. January 2009 · Comments Off on Will I Continue? · Categories: Ramble

I think folks here know that I subscribe to emusic. It’s handy, and I find a lot of music. But here’s the thing: I have so much music, between all the emusic downloads, some iTunes things I’ve downloaded, and all the CDs I’ve purchased. I can’t even imagine how many days of music I have.

Just how much do I need to own? How much will I really listen to?

So maybe it’s time to drop the emusic subscription. Some months I can’t even figure out if there’s anything I want. So far the pop music I’ve tried ends up leaving me empty after a couple of listens.

I haven’t done the New Year’s resolution thing in the past, but perhaps I’ll change that and resolve to simplify this year. I can drop things like emusic. Lessen what I have. Or at least not add more.

I’m also not renewing my Opera News subscription. If they would have an online subscription only, that would be fine, but I don’t read it enough to continue getting the mag in the mail. I also dropped MUSO; it just wasn’t meaty enough. Sure had gorgeous musicians it it, though. But I’m done with hard copy mags … I’ve minimized my catalogues via Catalogue Choice. The less paper, the better. I’m nearly fed up with a few charities, too; they continue to send me renewal notices, and I can’t believe how much paper they spend on me when I pay up once a year, period.

Will this actually be a year I resolve to do something. Write about it. And then do it? It could happen.

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