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This is from a short story called “Death By Oboe” I read online (warning, a cat killing is about to take place; if you are opposed to this sort of writing, please don’t read this):

Chantal’s hands began to shake and her breathing grew heavy. She lifted her oboe above her head and, letting out a shriek of anger, brought the instrument down on the cat’s skull. It yowled. Chantal relentlessly proceeded and once again smacked the cat directly on the head. The tortured cat emitted sounds that were rivaled by Chantal’s own hysterical hissing calls. She felt at one with her oboe as she exacted the duck’s revenge, a connection that Prokofiev’s theme never managed to elicit prior to this moment. She continued beating the animal long after it was necessary. Then she picked the shoebox off the ground, ripped the velvet lining out, holding it in her hands as hot tears fell into the fabric. She looked down at her newly avenged rabbit next to its killer. Her oboe was dented in places, but the reality of the bashed-in skull of the cat far exceeded the damage manifested in her weapon.

In that moment of all-encompassing felinicidal frenzy, she placed the reed of her oboe in her mouth. Sounding the final lines of Prokofiev’s oboe theme, she marched like Peter through the forest, the wolf successfully captured, back to her house.

The music continued, drifting through various windows inside the Alberghetti house. After a few notes, the squawking oboe sounds were interrupted briefly by sounds of porcelain figurines clattering to the floor. Then the music resumed.

So the girl kills a cat with her oboe. She then sticks a reed in the oboe and plays it?

Yeah. Right.

I realize this is just a story, but still ….


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