Yesterday Dan and I celebrated our 33rd anniversary. We went out of town. Does this tell anyone where we went?

We did a good amount of walking, and it was great fun. We were joined by two of our children, Brandon and Jameson, and Jameson’ girlfriend, Megan. I wish Kelsey and Mel could have been with us too, but I guess I can’t have everything, eh?


  1. OK, so you went to SF?

  2. Yep. I’d never seen the “poet’s corner” before. It didn’t appear to be a corner to me, but I guess they were being poetic.

    And boy did we walk. And walk. Great fun!

  3. Wait a minute – you, who hates hiking and exercise, had great fun walking in the hilly city? What happened to you?

    Hmmm, maybe it’s just that there are no coffeeshops, bookstores, stores to shop in, museums, etc., in the mountains…

  4. Um. It’s the bathrooms!

    Really, though, I love walking uphill, and I love traipsing through SF. Of course I also wasn’t carrying my life on my back.

  5. So which is more appealing to you: walking through a bathroomless wilderness unburdened by weight, or walking with a pack through a bathroom-equipped area all day?

  6. I’ll take the latter if I must. Bathrooms are of utmost importance to this wimp.