During high school, he learned how to play flute, which led to him appearing as an oboist and baritone saxophonist on several Frank Sinatra recording sessions.

… because of course that’s what playing flute leads to. Right?

Hmm. Okay then.


  1. hehe – well I heard that a lot of flute players cross into saxophone because the fingering is similar, although I’ve never played sax so I wouldn’t know.

  2. I always thought playing flute led to wearing jewelry and looking prettier than the oboists. Silly me! 😉

  3. ^^That reminds me, I’m working on a research project about oboes (I’m just that cool. =D But really, if you could write about anything, why wouldn’t you write about the oboe?)and there’s this article in an old Double Reed http://www.idrs.org/publications/dr/dr25.1.pdf/Historical%20Oboes.pdf that… talks about a short attempt to make oboe for sax players. Basically, the fingering system for Sax, clarinet was developed by the same guy. He made a system for oboe that was somewhat popular for a while but never really made it. And then Loree decided at the end of the 20’s to make an oboe with identical fingerings to the sax for doublers… but it was a bad time to be investing in a new idea. I kinda want an oboe-sax now though… just because.

  4. Miriam, believe it or not, I used to own a miniature mouthpiece for oboe … just like a clarinet mouthpiece, with a tiny single reed and all. I think a teacher gave it to me. It sounded abominable, but it was really fun to show people. I’m annoyed with myself for giving it away to a doubler at some point. 🙁

  5. whoa! That’s really cool! aww… haha, I’d love to see such a thing, it’d look so silly.