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As a child, I liked listening to audio books and stories. By the time puberty hit I was heavily into classical music. I loved how it engulfed me with its evocative, sweeping rhythms. My mind would spin stories, create worlds and get lost in all that rich sound. This continued into adulthood. Then overnight things changed. It was hip-hop, rap, dance/trance from that point on.

So here I am today, years after the change listening to my latest obsession.

Danny Fernandes – Private Dancer

I try to absorb the music of the past, but Enya is as classical as I can go these days. Why should I be concerned with my music taste? Well, there are numerous research articles claiming that classical music enhances brain activity, concentration, while the other kind does not (might even be detrimental).

Drat! I fear my IQ is converging to zero in 3, 2, 1 … let’s hear Danny boy one more time …

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