14. January 2009 · Comments Off on Day Over · Categories: Ramble

I’m home. I’m tired. I’m frustrated.

I played okay. I received compliments. But it didn’t feel good, and that does matter. I do like the Amram, although I’d love to hear it from the hall, as I can’t hear the piano much from where I’m sitting. I have a pretty mini-solo (really mini) in it … actually I have two, I suppose, but the second doesn’t feel as important to me … and I like the way he writes for English horn.

The Respighi is a bit of a mystery to me. It’s loud. Very loud. Not throughout — the second movement is lovely at the beginning of it. But I can’t quite figure the work out. I’m hopeful that the light’ll go on tomorrow and I’ll fully wrap my ears around it.

While at work Dan called to tell me our credit card company had put a hold on our card and needed to check some charges with me. Of course I couldn’t deal with it until I got home, and for some reason the card is in my name (I don’t know how that happened!) so I had to be the one to call. Sure enough, there’s a charge that isn’t ours. This is the second time I’ve had this happen in my lifetime. I hope it’s the last. I recently charged something online from a company I hadn’t used before … I’m wondering if they are the ones who used my card. (I don’t want to name the company here, in case I’m guessing wrong.)

So now we have a canceled card. I’m not comfortable about my playing. And I think I need an attitude adjustment too.

But Top Chef is on. I’ll just watch food for a while. Maybe that’ll help. Even though there’s no chocolate in the house.

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